A few weeks a ago for my birthday my husband and I went to a Sugar Social at the, “The Standard”, in Nashville. I bought the tickets with excitement. I have always loved going to food events; meeting people and trying scrumptious experiments. One of my cherished memories is when my husband and I took a walking food tour in Seattle @ Pike Place Market.

The pictures on Sugar Social’s website were most enticing. There were even going to be swag bags. Okay, perhaps that is not anything to you, but for this country farm girl that was icing on the cake.

Sadly, I was let down and very disappointed by the presentation and selections. My thought perhaps was that the Sugar Social team, was having an off event and one day I can try it again with better results. Yet, if I was a restaurant, chef, caterer, would I not want to put my best foot forward and offer items that would persuade people that they wanted if not needed to visit their restaurant, hire them as a chef, or use their caterer services. I found nothing that allured my senses to the point that I was in awe or anything that made me think, “oooh, need to keep this person’s card”. This event is put on by Gabe’s Gurl Event Productions, but it is a conglomeration of different persons or businesses that I must say missed the mark. In today’s economy marketing is more crucial than ever, because people are really taking their time choosing what they want or need, instead of whilly nilly trying them all.

Gabe’s Gurl Event Productions did a good job of picking a relaxing and nostalgic location for something as a sugar social, my only thought for them is to perhaps offer a drink selection that would help cut the sugar. Perhaps, have a coffee house represent some of their fine selections to go with the sweets.

I did enjoy myself and partook of every sweet sugary concoction on the table (for it was my birthday after all) and I must say it was definitely a social. I would say there was well over 200 to 300 people making there way through, “The Smith House”.