One very fine morning in December as I was reading God’s word and speaking to Him in prayer, I came across a verse that really spoke to me about cleansing certain areas of my life. I felt the reason being was there are so many areas of my life that are cluttered, areas that if I cleaned them up I would have more time to spend with God and my family. Freeing up time in my given mission field during this time of my life.

I thought well, hmmm. Perhaps, I am not the only one, should I write about this? If I do, perhaps it would help keep me on target and maybe others might join me on my journey. Wait, just maybe we could learn from each other, pray for each other, and give each other that much needed push of encouragement. Do you know, recently the Lord led me to a group of Godly women that have loved me in spite of me, and prayed for me, and I have learned so much from them. Some of those women blessed me, when I asked if any of them would like to join me in this project. Therefore, Project Cleanse was born…


So, I wrote a list of all the cleanses I felt pressing on me.

1. Diet Cleanse – Really stick to my 90% raw diet. I am so much healthier when I do. Begin exercising again, etc.
2. Spiritual Cleanse – A specific bible study that meets an issue in my life. A determined specific quiet time each day. An area in my life that needs concentrated prayer and time with the Lord.
3. House Cleanse – Go through the house room by room. Section by section and clear clutter, get rid of items not needed. Donate to charities, sell some things, trade, etc.
4. Chemical Cleanse – Get rid of any harmful chemicals in the house. From cleaning supplies, to cosmetics, detergents, and personal soaps and shampoos. Research how to make my own.
5. Time Cleanse – As your day passes look for items or activities that can be shortened or gotten rid of altogether. Those activities that are time suckers that pull you away from our mission field. (I will set no worthless thing before my eyes. Psalm 101:3)
6. Project Cleanse – Make a list of all of the projects that you have been wanting to work on, but never have the time. Prioritize them in order of importance. Add them to your planner and work on one 30 minutes a day, etc. Get it done, one bite at a time.

As I prayed I felt a peace with picking the house cleanse first. With a clean and organized home, I would feel better about committing my time and energy to the other projects afterward as well. As, I cleanse my home, I feel that it will also contribute to the other cleanses. At some point I will need to declutter my kitchen, this will give me a chance to also go through my pantry and get rid of certain foods that do not need to be in my house. As I organize certain areas, it will make it easier to know where things are for when I start working on my project cleanse.

During this time I will be praying for everyone that joins us, that the Lord blesses this time as we cleanse our lives. I really hope that you feel led to comment and join me for this cleanse. Lets see what we can do in one month…