Do you ever start a new project and get immediately overwhelmed at where to start? I had an idea at where to start my house cleanse, but I have to admit, I got caught up with the idea of well if I don’t start big enough, will it be worth writing about it? So silly, I know. So, I got past that, then I thought well this house is rather full of so many things, what would benefit my family the most? I lost track of what God wanted, he wants me to cleanse this house and organize it, ALL OF IT! So, it doesn’t matter where I start. Do you know what really kicked me into high gear today? A great post from a dear friend, she reminded me to follow God and Dive, right in.

(if you can now please use your imaginations and walk in my door and as you step in you see immediately to your right a very disorganized coat rack, shoe place, and accessories basket that holds hats, gloves, scarves, etc. In this area are coats that are now too small, hats that are too small, shoes outgrown, and beautiful memories untold in all those items)

Today, I dove in. I gathered all of those items together and went through them. Some kids shoes went in the trash from the happy times of running through puddles and dancing in the rain. Jackets went to coat drives, and little mittens and hats were passed on to other family and friends who can now make warmer memories throwing snowballs at dad.

My sense of accomplishment soared and I am looking forward to my 30 minutes tomorrow of going through the bookshelf that sits right beside our outdoor suit up area.

Thank you Lord for sweet friends that you use to push us forward, thank you Lord for the joy you put into my heart as I do work for you and to your glory. Lord, I also ask for the wisdom and sense of direction on how to fix my WordPress page, so that those who are joining me during this cleanse do not have to imagine my entire house and might one day get to see it in all of its messy glory.

If you are reading this and would like to join me, please comment so that we can encourage and pray for each other in our house cleansing journey. If there are other cleansing journeys that you feel are on your heart, then please feel free to visit the project cleanse page and read about the other writers taking the Project Cleanse journey with me.