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Rockvale Art Gallery, is having their Grand Opening on March 19th, 2011. Please come join us as we cut the ribbon and begin a new journey into local Tennessee culture.

Rockvale Art Gallery, LLC is a unique Gallery located in a rustic old barn in Middle Tennessee, showcasing various forms of artistic expression. Their goal is to provide their customers with a relaxing, whimsical environment in which to view and purchase art, antiques, home decor and Interior Design Services. The Gallery offers a step into the past as well as a view of the future. The Gallery’s Artist’ are local, multi-talented, working professionals.

The mission of the Rockvale Art Gallery, LLC is to provide an enjoyable experience as well as a piece of art, jewelry, or home decor to suit every taste and budget.

Rockvale Art Gallery Owner – Paula Francis

I have been sewing for a gallery opening in March, and I have finally finished the purse I was working on. I just thought I would share this one project piece. I started out with the idea of just black with a cowgirlish print for pockets and the strap. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to add. So, I decided to do some fabric paint stenciling.

(Using freezer paper and a exacto knife)

I did a cowboy pic and some lettering…

I really liked this kokopelli petroglyph looking fabric. You?

(These are the pockets)

Finally, the finished project.

And, the other side.

(It says, “True Forward, Energy, Intention)

A few years ago before my husband and I met, he went to a Chihuly exhibit in Atlanta. The pictures that he had of the exhibits were always really gorgeous. I have since then wanted to visit a garden Chihuly exhibit. Well, I got my chance last weekend. Luckily enough we made a huge family outing to Chihuly @ Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

This was the first piece we encountered. It made me think that if I climbed into it there would not be a bottom, that you would be lost in blue oblivion. The inside almost looks surreal.

The wandering jew looks like its all a flame. These pieces were beautiful in the shade and in the sun. It has so many dimensions.

Looking at this one again, makes me think of rock candy as a kid. Yum!

The Butterflies (or flutterby’s, as my son named them) were enjoying the flowers as much as I was that day.

At the beginning of the day, Miss “Strut her Stuff”, sugar plum fairy was having a great time!

My family waiting on the already slow pregnant woman that also has a penchant for being trigger happy on the camera. (shutterbug pregnant women travel slower than snails)

My first thought was gumdrops floating on water! You?

My absolute favorite of every piece out there. Chihuly Moon! It inspires me to want to take glass blowing lessons.

Doesn’t this just emit tranquility? It did for me. This is part of the fence that surrounded the Japanese Garden at Cheekwood.

No more simple glass balls from Lowe’s Home Improvement will do it for me anymore. We seriously considered that all the women in our group should leave this part of the exhibit pregnant. Do you think anyone would have missed four of those balls?

My beautiful mom and little man enjoying the rest and the shade in the Japanese garden area.

One of the main reasons for going to Cheekwood was for the Chihuly exhibits. Although, I must say, Cheekwood is no slouch when it comes to being breathtaking all on its own.

Other than the “The Moon”, this might have been my other favorite. I love the combination of colors and the promise of fall. It makes me think of laying in a boat on a lake reading a book whilst the autumn leaves fall around you.

It was a beautiful day! This was close to the end as you can see on my munchkins faces. I believe they were quite worn out at this point. Mommy, was too! Not five minutes after this picture, the Braxton-Hicks started.

I had so wished to post some of the pictures of the beautiful hanging chandelier types of Chihuly pieces inside the Cheekwood residence, but not being able to use a flash in a poorly lit area doesn’t really make for appealing pictures.