Proverbs 16:3Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

I stink at time. Spending time, wasting time, finding the time. I am really bad at managing my time wisely. And, once again I have tried to do this all by myself. Then I realized, time management from a biblical perspective is not about the challenge to manage time. The Bible teaches that we need to surrender everything to God including our time. As I stated, I want to “make time”, in my life for community. This is a big priority in my life. A priority that I feel God has laid on my heart. So, for the next thirty days I am going on a journey on how to do just that. When God laid this on my heart, I said God, “I don’t have time”. From the very beginning I said I can’t, I am pretty sure can’t doesn’t exist in God’s vocabulary. Therefore, it shouldn’t exist in mine. So, today I am starting with a list of priorities and making time for them. As the 30 days pass, I will re-evaluate the list and add to it or change it. As He molds me, things change, right?

Time Priorities

God Time
Husband Time
Family Time
Caring for House Time (cleaning, caretaking, cutting wood, etc.)
Caring for Family Time (cooking, bathing, teaching, etc.)
Community Time (outside of the home, with family & friends & strangers)

I am a procrastinator! I admit it. Being a procrastinator wreaks havoc on so many things. Mostly it destroys my sanity. The world does not need an insane mom on the loose. You know that saying, “when mom’s unhappy, everyone’s unhappy”. I do this to myself, no one but me makes me unhappy. So, God said, lets fix this. I said, rather reluctantly, “okay”.

Handing my time over to God – Step One

His answer today for me, was this –

Proverbs Chapter 31:15 – She gets up while it is still dark…

I get it, no really I do. Get up before the kids, check! I love sleep, I mean I LOVE sleep. Talking about time, well for as long as I can remember I have been a sleep in kind of gal. No easy step 1’s, God? We can’t ease into this journey can we? PLEASE! Can’t you just hear God saying or thinking, “For once can you just listen and obey, instead of talking back to me?” That is how I feel with my kids. So, hear goes…


Lord, please give me the strength I need to get up every morning and spend time with you before each day begins. I hand my time over to you Lord that you may help me succeed.


Do you make memories with your children and family? Memories that will last a life time that they will cherish when they have their own children. I was thinking this morning of a time when my Dad, was addicted to Waffle House coffee. On Saturday mornings he would yell out, “Who is coming to Waffle House with me”. Mind you this was at 4 am. Back then I remember thinking, “you have got to be kidding me”. Yet the times when I did go, I loved it. It was time with just me and my Dad and the other crazy 4 am coffee drinkers. Everyone that came into Waffle House knew his name. We would all chat and laugh and I would get a handful of quarters to play songs on the jukebox. It is a fond memory for me.

My Dad & Sugar Plum Fairy (Making Memories)


I was reading a blog recently about as a family they go out to eat once a week at the same restaurant. Actually here is the post, My Home Sweet Home. Just had to give you the link, she is a good read. The point I loved about this post was community. They are making memories with their family but they are also building lifetime friendships and bonds. So many times nowadays we get caught up with ways not to make friendships, (twitter, facebook, google+, tv, smartphones, blogs, email, texting, etc.) or build communities face to face. It almost feels like this generation is losing the art of communicating face to face, even with family.

Take the time to spend quality time with your family, friends, children, parents, strangers each week. People is where life is lived. Where bonds are formed and memories are forged. In fifty years, heck 10 years, are you going to remember that facebook status or are you going to remember that time with that guy and the thing that brings a smile to your face.

What ways do you spend quality time with your family? How do you build community? Me and my bunch have a day of the week that we have family night. As for community, that is something I want to start. I would love to begin a weekly or bimonthly time where we meet in the same place at the same time and with friends and family where we bond, share, and play.

I am writing this post as much for me as I am for you. I write this thinking do I have the time? And, then I think in my wee little brain. What does God say? Time is like the mist. It is fleeting. With that fleeting time I need to spend it wisely. Other than God, people are the most important thing on this planet. Telling them about God, showing God’s love and compassion to them. If we do not take and make time for the people in our lives and the strangers on this planet how can we ever be called children of God ourselves. My mission and only mission as His child is to love and obey Him. Part of obeying Him is reaching out to others. Reaching out is not preaching to them. It is showing them His love. Being a friend in need, a hand to help, a smile, a hug, an ear. By building a community where I can spend time with others can also lead me to be there when people need God’s love. I would love to start a community that may start with friends and family but where those friends and family can and will feel comfortable to bring their friends and family and that community grows.

So, for the next 30 days, I am going to pray and write about ways to make time in my life for others. I am hoping that with God’s help I can start building that community.

I am afraid that I was so caught up in the yummies and great conversation that I totally lost track of being camera happy. So, no pictures really of the event. Although, my main reason for this quick post was to say thank you. I had an excellent birthday thanks to family and friends.

Have I told you of my latest obsession? TEA! That sounds simple yes? Well, I suppose it could be. I on the other hand have not made it simple. Do you realize all of the yummy teas out there and all the different containers you can drink tea out of.

Sorry, I got carried away. I brought the tea up because for my birthday party we did a tea party.

These pictures got snapped before all of the gels and boys showed up for the party…

I love my new teapots! Plus, the warmers underneath will keep that pot warm for up to 4 hours. Seriously!

Me and Sugar Plum Fairy loved these things. I so forget their name, some Japanese rice ball. I think.

I must admit that I am a sucker for tea cookies, especially butter cookies. Once, everyone arrived this buffet was covered with all kinds of goodies.

The weather around here has finally dipped below blazing, we have actually had the opportunity this week to open windows. So, do you know what my absolute precious Geek Adonis did for me? He added another screen door to the back of the house. WOOT! Look look…

My front screen door (please ignore the well lived in house), that leads to the back screen door…

And, yes Sugar Plum Fairy did grace the screen door with her chalk artwork.

So, now I have a breezeway through the house. You, have no clue how extremely excited I am. Just had to tell ya’ll.

A few weeks a ago for my birthday my husband and I went to a Sugar Social at the, “The Standard”, in Nashville. I bought the tickets with excitement. I have always loved going to food events; meeting people and trying scrumptious experiments. One of my cherished memories is when my husband and I took a walking food tour in Seattle @ Pike Place Market.

The pictures on Sugar Social’s website were most enticing. There were even going to be swag bags. Okay, perhaps that is not anything to you, but for this country farm girl that was icing on the cake.

Sadly, I was let down and very disappointed by the presentation and selections. My thought perhaps was that the Sugar Social team, was having an off event and one day I can try it again with better results. Yet, if I was a restaurant, chef, caterer, would I not want to put my best foot forward and offer items that would persuade people that they wanted if not needed to visit their restaurant, hire them as a chef, or use their caterer services. I found nothing that allured my senses to the point that I was in awe or anything that made me think, “oooh, need to keep this person’s card”. This event is put on by Gabe’s Gurl Event Productions, but it is a conglomeration of different persons or businesses that I must say missed the mark. In today’s economy marketing is more crucial than ever, because people are really taking their time choosing what they want or need, instead of whilly nilly trying them all.

Gabe’s Gurl Event Productions did a good job of picking a relaxing and nostalgic location for something as a sugar social, my only thought for them is to perhaps offer a drink selection that would help cut the sugar. Perhaps, have a coffee house represent some of their fine selections to go with the sweets.

I did enjoy myself and partook of every sweet sugary concoction on the table (for it was my birthday after all) and I must say it was definitely a social. I would say there was well over 200 to 300 people making there way through, “The Smith House”.

Forthwithto do immediately; right away.
Fridaya day of the week; the day after Thursday; the day before Saturday.

Take five minutes (30 seconds on each ) to answer the following questions…

And, if you have time click a quick pic… Like this!


listening – to Toy Story 2 playing in the background.

eating – raw organic cashews and raisins.

drinking – H.2.O

wearing – Old beaten up pants that I have had since college, but they are extremely comfortable. And, a tank top.

feeling – jolly. I am fixing to go on a small jaunt to where my mom is camping and making cob.

weather – 90 degrees with a possibility of thunderstorms.

wanting – pizza, but that is my favorite food.

needing – to do the dishes.

thinking – about the new schedule and homeschool ideas for the kids.

enjoying – a leisurely day with my kiddos.

Link up and tell us what you have been doing this Friday!

Do I really live in a Barn? This is one of the most asked questions of my readers. I have been putting off this post, because I so wanted to pretty up the barn and make it look great before anyone saw it on here. I finally came to the conclusion it could take till the kids leave home before I get a chance to make it look great, but I thought well even then, we might actually at that point get to do some of the major renovations we want to do at that time. So, I realized that if you are going to see my life in a barn, you might as well see it as it really is day to day. I am definitely not Martha!

A Brief History

Our house was originally a horse barn that my dad built with the idea of having horse clinics there. It was used as such for a few years. After a time the above area where most barns store hay, was renovated into an apartment for cowgirls and cowboys to have a place to bed down when they came to visit and take classes at the clinic. After years of use the ole cowpoke who taught the clinics moved on and the barn was abandoned to used equipment and storage. My dad decided after a bit to renovate some of the downstairs into a living space and rent it out. After a few different families lived in the barn it was passed down to me and my husband three years ago and we have since made it our home. We hope to continue to renovate and change it bit by bit, yet keep it looking like the barn it has always been.

Here is the side (right side) that most have seen just from the heading of my website.

This is the front of the house (me and sugar plum fairy in the entrance).

This is part of the back of the house, with two of our additions to the house. The flower garden and the wood burning stove. You can see the stove pipe/chimney from the back.

Here you can kind of see where the stalls used to be between each 6 x 6 pole, which is now my husbands shop. When the downstairs was renovated it was split between a shop area and a living space.

This one is a little harder to see, we were tromping through the woods behind the house one fall and took a quick shot of the back of our house. The large deck that you see upstairs, we would like to eventually make that into the master bedroom.

This one shows the left side a bit (not much to see).

This is the last one I promise. I thought this one was a good overall front view.

Perhaps, in a few years (in my family a few years can be 2 or 20, just like the other day could be last tuesday or 5 years ago), we will have new renovations or changes. I hope this answered a few of the curiosities of if I really live in a barn. If you have any other questions, please ask.

How often do you take a night off, without kids; just you and your husband. We normally try for once a month. When we do have a date night, we normally do dinner and a movie or just dinner. This last night out, my husband and I went all out. I had so much fun planning it (semi started planning it last November). We bought tickets to Les Miserables last year for a play that was in May of this year. As time came closer I pondered on what to wear and at first I considered going black tie, you know tuxedo and me in some fancy smancy sequined thing. While I am sure that would have been splendid and somewhat spectacular, it just wasn’t me. So, I started thinking of different era’s of clothing I loved. I have always been in love with the roaring 20’s flapper dresses to the victory curl hairstyle of the 40’s. As I considered my options, I ended up picking somewhat of the 40’s style crossed with a bit of pin-up girl look (a little sexy for the hubby). Once picking this idea, my outfit wasn’t too hard to put together, the difficulty came in trying to find something for Geek Adonis. After looking through pictures on the web, we came up with the idea of a sailors outfit. I mean who hasn’t seen the iconic photograph of the young man kissing his sweetheart in Times Square. Just in case you haven’t – here it is…

We didn’t want to do exactly as they did, but in any case here is our version…

After the big smack, we preceded to a yummy dinner at Carraba’s and then to Les Miserables…

It was a wonderful night!

This is gonna be a quickie. Rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off (now that’s a vision, huh) trying to get ready for tomorrow. Going in tomorrow morning for a c-section with baby number 3. We are so excited! My poor house is a total wreck and I cannot get the gumption up to really care right now. (was talking to my sister-in-law about that this morning, that we are both glad we do not have that urge to always live in an immaculate house, because at that point are you truly living or just cleaning and worried all the time)

Anyway, back to baby! So, I am really hoping to have a guest blogger on this next week some. I will totally understand though if he is unable to because of work and babies. I am talking about my hubby, Geek Adonis. He offered (because he is that awesome), to guest blog for me this week. I am afraid with new baby, hospital time, and recovery that I will not be blogging the rest of this week and possibly next week as well.

Hope to see everyone soon, and keep up with a chemical free house! (ooooh, I am hoping to have a guest blogger soon about that as well, if I can convince her. She has been making and using some great items for a while now.)


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