If you enjoy romance, sarcasm, math, and language, then you will enjoy XKCD webcomic.

I know I snickered a few times and then straight up laughed out loud at some just in the past few minutes. I tend to check it every couple of weeks for a good laugh. (make sure you mouse over the comic as well, there is always a tidbit more insight)

Have you ever spent an hour or over an hour just checking your different email, facebook, and twitter accounts? You may not respond to any of them, but you have to log in, click on certain ones, hit delete, log out, go to the next, yadda, yadda, yadda…

How about a tool that helps you look at all of those on the same widget or page? Geek Adonis (for those that don’t know him, that’s my husband) turned me onto . I am able to scan all of my email, facebook, and twitter accounts in just minutes. Plus, have all of my aim, yahoo, gtalk, and facebook chat contacts up there so when they come online I can chat (I am a girl, right?).

The chatting option really is good for me as a sahm. I would miss people all of the time on facebook or gtalk because I had just signed off or walked away and my status would go to unavailable. Now, I can leave that option open and turn the volume up on my computer and hear the lovely chime when someone contacts me via chat. Funny enough, I was upstairs putting my daughter down for nap, when I heard the chime. I know you may find me silly, but there are times when you are home all week long without any adult stimulation, a digsby chime can make your day.

Instant Messaging + Email Notifications + Social Networking = Digsby