I sit here on my high horse, considering what to say without making too many people mad or upset. Chasing them away with my post. There are a few things in this life that people hands down do not want to discuss or once they began discussing it, they can’t stop. One of those is politics. Therefore, I have only given myself five minutes to write. With that, I may end up not finishing my thoughts.

So, last night I had a discussion with my dearest Geek Adonis, and he told me about a statement that Rick Santorum said dealing with his voting record. He defended his voting record, saying that nowadays he would have to vote no on every single bill to avoid there being any bad in it. Then dad gum it, for goodness sakes vote no! All these bill makers and lobbyists purposefully add that pork fat that is bad, because they know that politicians are more worried about their reputation than they are their character. I am so sick of them all making excuses about why they voted this and why they voted that. If you truly don’t like it, vote no. If enough do it, they will have to rewrite and rewrite until you can finally vote yes. We the people hire you for our best interests, not for your ho hum votes on well this one isn’t too bad.

I am sick of voters putting politicians in office because they are picking the best out of the worst. They don’t want to waste their vote on someone that may not make it.

That is the problem with our politicians and our voters, we are so worried about our reputation and not about what is right.

Five minutes are up! I will now just rant in my head.

Calling All Polar Bears – Jan. 7
The ninth annual Polar Bear Plunge will be held Jan. 7 at the “Boro Beach” outdoor pool at Sports*Com. The big slides at the new outdoor pool will be turned on to take the plunge to a whole new level. Brave men, women and children from around the area will don costumes and swimwear and take “polar” dips into the pool. There’s a reason to be freezin’ . . . families to be benefited by the Murfreesboro City Schools Family Resource Centers!

The Polar Bear Plunge is open to anyone 5 years or older who is a fan of having a good time for a good cause. For plungers under 18 years, a waiver/release form must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Each Polar Bear is required to bring nonperishable food items for the Family Resource Centers. Last year’s event raised over 1,200 pounds of food with over 600 plungers.

The average water temperature hovers around 40 degrees, but for the not-so-brave souls, there is a Chicken Plunge into the heated indoor pool. Registration will begin at 8:15 a.m. with plunges commencing at 10 a.m.

Sports*Com is located at 2310 Memorial Blvd. For more information, contact Niki Hensley at 895-5040

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman that fears the Lord is to be praised” Proverbs 31:30


I am such a pitiful work in progress. So, when you read previously that I was doing a 30 day, “Path to Community” post, I am sure you were expecting it to be a consecutive 30 day post series, right? Well, me too, but between procrastination, cleaning vomit, migraines, and downright pushing my luck against God; I haven’t gotten it done.

Do you remember the last post? Day 1, was about listing my time priorities and God letting me know that I needed to be getting up early, say around 5ish. I totally balked. PLEASE, pray for me. Balking has not in anyway made things easier. So, here I am many days later working on Day 2.

Day 2, is pretty simple really. He said get up earlier (He = God), so that you and me can have some time together in peace and quiet. Time spent in learning, building, reading, praying, and giving my time to the Lord.

~I am putting my list up again to remind me for this season of my life what is important. Once again it may change as God works on my heart and mind.

My List

God Time
Husband Time
Family Time
Caring for House Time (cleaning, caretaking, cutting wood, etc.)
Caring for Family Time (cooking, bathing, teaching, etc.)
Community Time (outside of the home, with family & friends & strangers)
Reflection Time (To look back on my day and see what can be changed or done better)

It doesn’t look good when I say I am doing a 30 day post series and miss already after two days. Sadly, the stomach flu has hit our house I and I haven’t been close to a computer in two days. Please forgive my absence and I will be back shortly.

Guess, step #2 in God’s Plan was to rest up a bit.

This small family has a very huge heart and they are currently being blessedly used by Christ. They have been given the opportunity to be His hands and feet in a small area of the Dominican Republic. I have wanted to share them with you for sometime now and God really laid it on my heart this morning that I write this post.

I have known the Fernandez family for nigh on 20 years. I have seen Kelly & Shawn grow into these amazing harvesters for God. I am blessed to know them. I would love for you to get to know them as well and what God is doing in their lives and the lives of those around them. Let God inspire you today through them. Please also pray for them and their work in the Dominican Republic.

Go visit them on their …

Facebook page.
Three Sixteen Missions Blog
Three Sixteen Missions Website


The Beach

they had fun, I’m sure of it…

Boopsy & Chief

We went to a wedding recently and I got the chance to take a few pics of the kids. I had to tell this quick story. My husband’s cousin has a beautiful little girl and as we walked into the reception she said to her mommy, “Mom, who is that princess?” She was talking about my daughter Sugar Plum Fairy. So here are the two of them after discovering each other!

How, absolutely precious was that?!

Now, Little Old Man couldn’t be outdone, therefore he played the ninja/vogue/silly card…


Hee Hee, I love him!

Is everyone watching the last NASA launch? I so wish I was there. I have friends and family there and many other fellow bloggers. I like many of you will be watching vicariously through others.

My Dad is one of the very lucky few that will be up close and personal. He got the opportunity of going in with a TV crew to watch and document the launch.

Isn’t he just the dashing giant? (Like my Genius brother pointed out, he is and will always be a giant to me.)

Speaking of Mr. Genius, he led me to a website that you might want to check out quickly, today is the last day – you can have your picture possibly sent up with others on today’s launch. The site is through NASA and its the Face in Space Program.

Jenn over at Daze of Adventure, just posted a quick video of her at the NASA tweetup site. She shows some background pictures of the area where she is.

I will hopefully be posting some more pictures soon (through my Dad) of the launch.

Happy Watching! Launch time is 11:26 am EDT – eastern standard time.

~If you want to watch the launch, NASA casts it live at NASA.gov

Once in a lifetime does one normally see a red fox. So far it has been twice for me, but the first time was only because the little guy was injured. We saw young foxes the other day at Pop pop’s house. I think the only reason we saw these was because they are still so young. They were playing just like puppies right outside of their den. Sadly, we only had my camera phone to catch a picture with, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Maw maw and Pop pop said there are four young foxes in all.

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