Project Cleanse

As the title suggests that is how I feel some days. It is how I have felt with this project cleanse, I have been working on. Two weeks ago, I was going strong, I was diving right in. Then satan grabbed a hold of me and he got downright mad and threw some problems at me and I failed. I failed all week long and then I wallowed in it. Then you know what happened?


I was redeemed. He grabbed me right up out of my wallowing (in self pity because my body hurt, because my website was broken, etc) and he filled me up. He pushed me through the pain, he made me realize again and again that it is not about me. He called me to care for my children, to care for my husband, and having a house full of projects (disorganized kitchen/rooms, unhealthy diet, useless activities) that are not being done pulls me away from my mission. I know that this will be a long project, one that will take many months and that I will have to diligently keep on top of, so that I do not let things pile up on me again. Yet, once done I can concentrate more on the calling God gave me. To nurture my children and support my husband as God needs me to.

As God redeemed me once again, He also blessed me. He gave me some tools to further cleansing.

My dear Geek Adonis got bookcases for our school area.

This put me into overdrive to go through all of our school books, papers, projects and organize them, pass on to others things we do not need anymore, and throw things away. As the Lord fueled me and gave me strength I kept going and got…


Rid of 4-6 trash bags full of clothes. All of this organizing and cleaning spurred the children on and they got into the fun with me. They helped me build the bookcases and go through their clothes, letting me know which ones were their favorites. After our full days together, not only was it fun, but I realized through all of this cleansing I spent more time with my children and we learned and laughed together.

What do you do with all the items you get rid of when you organize and clean?

These are some ways we get rid of items…
– Sell clothing and toys at, Once Upon a Child.
– Take some items to Goodwill
– Give to friends
– Sell on Ebay.
– Sell on Craigslist.
– Use Paperback swap.

I don’t do this, but have known people to start facebook groups with other homeschoolers in their local area and post curriculum and other school related items for sale.

I leave you with this…

Therefore, since we have been
justified through faith, we have peace
with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,
through whom we have gained access by faith
into this grace in which we now stand.
And we boast in the hope of the glory
of God. Not only so, but we
also glory in our sufferings, because
we know that suffering produces
perseverance; perseverance, character;
and character hope. And hope does
not put us to shame, because God’s
love has been poured out into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit, who has
been given to us.

Romans 5:1-5


Do you ever start a new project and get immediately overwhelmed at where to start? I had an idea at where to start my house cleanse, but I have to admit, I got caught up with the idea of well if I don’t start big enough, will it be worth writing about it? So silly, I know. So, I got past that, then I thought well this house is rather full of so many things, what would benefit my family the most? I lost track of what God wanted, he wants me to cleanse this house and organize it, ALL OF IT! So, it doesn’t matter where I start. Do you know what really kicked me into high gear today? A great post from a dear friend, she reminded me to follow God and Dive, right in.

(if you can now please use your imaginations and walk in my door and as you step in you see immediately to your right a very disorganized coat rack, shoe place, and accessories basket that holds hats, gloves, scarves, etc. In this area are coats that are now too small, hats that are too small, shoes outgrown, and beautiful memories untold in all those items)

Today, I dove in. I gathered all of those items together and went through them. Some kids shoes went in the trash from the happy times of running through puddles and dancing in the rain. Jackets went to coat drives, and little mittens and hats were passed on to other family and friends who can now make warmer memories throwing snowballs at dad.

My sense of accomplishment soared and I am looking forward to my 30 minutes tomorrow of going through the bookshelf that sits right beside our outdoor suit up area.

Thank you Lord for sweet friends that you use to push us forward, thank you Lord for the joy you put into my heart as I do work for you and to your glory. Lord, I also ask for the wisdom and sense of direction on how to fix my WordPress page, so that those who are joining me during this cleanse do not have to imagine my entire house and might one day get to see it in all of its messy glory.

If you are reading this and would like to join me, please comment so that we can encourage and pray for each other in our house cleansing journey. If there are other cleansing journeys that you feel are on your heart, then please feel free to visit the project cleanse page and read about the other writers taking the Project Cleanse journey with me.

One very fine morning in December as I was reading God’s word and speaking to Him in prayer, I came across a verse that really spoke to me about cleansing certain areas of my life. I felt the reason being was there are so many areas of my life that are cluttered, areas that if I cleaned them up I would have more time to spend with God and my family. Freeing up time in my given mission field during this time of my life.

I thought well, hmmm. Perhaps, I am not the only one, should I write about this? If I do, perhaps it would help keep me on target and maybe others might join me on my journey. Wait, just maybe we could learn from each other, pray for each other, and give each other that much needed push of encouragement. Do you know, recently the Lord led me to a group of Godly women that have loved me in spite of me, and prayed for me, and I have learned so much from them. Some of those women blessed me, when I asked if any of them would like to join me in this project. Therefore, Project Cleanse was born…


So, I wrote a list of all the cleanses I felt pressing on me.

1. Diet Cleanse – Really stick to my 90% raw diet. I am so much healthier when I do. Begin exercising again, etc.
2. Spiritual Cleanse – A specific bible study that meets an issue in my life. A determined specific quiet time each day. An area in my life that needs concentrated prayer and time with the Lord.
3. House Cleanse – Go through the house room by room. Section by section and clear clutter, get rid of items not needed. Donate to charities, sell some things, trade, etc.
4. Chemical Cleanse – Get rid of any harmful chemicals in the house. From cleaning supplies, to cosmetics, detergents, and personal soaps and shampoos. Research how to make my own.
5. Time Cleanse – As your day passes look for items or activities that can be shortened or gotten rid of altogether. Those activities that are time suckers that pull you away from our mission field. (I will set no worthless thing before my eyes. Psalm 101:3)
6. Project Cleanse – Make a list of all of the projects that you have been wanting to work on, but never have the time. Prioritize them in order of importance. Add them to your planner and work on one 30 minutes a day, etc. Get it done, one bite at a time.

As I prayed I felt a peace with picking the house cleanse first. With a clean and organized home, I would feel better about committing my time and energy to the other projects afterward as well. As, I cleanse my home, I feel that it will also contribute to the other cleanses. At some point I will need to declutter my kitchen, this will give me a chance to also go through my pantry and get rid of certain foods that do not need to be in my house. As I organize certain areas, it will make it easier to know where things are for when I start working on my project cleanse.

During this time I will be praying for everyone that joins us, that the Lord blesses this time as we cleanse our lives. I really hope that you feel led to comment and join me for this cleanse. Lets see what we can do in one month…

Introducing the highest rankingest rooten tootinest cowboy around…

Oh, sorry forgot where I was…  The littlest (he is 2) might be a little addicted to Buzz and Woody right now.

In all seriousness, I would love to introduce to you some wonderful women writers .

These ladies, have encouraged, inspired, blessed, and prayed for me.

They have given me joy by joining me in a Cleanse Project.

Project Cleanse button

I would love for you to join me in being inspired and learning from these ladies for the next month.

As we cleanse our homes, our diets, our time, our bodies through exercise and

our hearts through praise and worship.

Introducing the writers: (you can link to their website from their picture)

upsidedown homeschoolingcopy Heather is a homeschooling mama of two sweet little girls. She shares this beautiful life with her husband, Scott. Heather strives daily to follow Jesus and blogs about all things faith, family and homeschooling at Upside Down  She will be doing a time cleanse which goes along with her resolution to be more intentional.
Lana My name is Lana (like banana).  I’m married happily to David, who is the ultimate DIYer.  We have quite the love story that most consider odd. We have 5 children that we currently educate at home.  They constantly prove that we have so much to learn and our lives are seasoned with God’s Grace – daily.  We are constantly remodeling our entire home, finding cheap ways to update an old look,  square foot gardeningbuild something out of an old fence, and traveling to the World’s largest everything.  Our blog is about loving Jesus, loving kids, loving others, loving food, loving DIY projects, loving travel and just loving life! Lana will be doing a project cleanse and working on exercise with kids and organization.
joy copy Joy is married to her high school sweetheart and they are in their ninth year of homeschooling. She loves to spend time with her family, ride and hike in the mountains, cook for family and friends, craft, take pictures and read anything she can get her hands on. You can read more about Joy and her family at A Journey of Joy. Joy will be doing a house cleanse, by going through each room and cleaning it out.
Peace-Button Betty is a Christian Homeschooling mom of six, proud to be married to a Kansas farmer. I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, blogging, designing blogs, gardening, horseback riding, baking, cooking, and reading. New Journey beginning for 2013, Old Farm House Renovation… Betty is working on a Get in the Groove, Be More Productive Cleanse? Seriously, she is working on getting routines and other such things set up to run more smoothly.
Lenaresized Lena is blessed to be a daughter of the King of Kings. She has been married to her best friend for 13 years and is the mommy of four. She has a 11 year old with high functioning autism, a 6 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old (boy, girl, girl, boy). They homeschool the girls, their 11 year old is in public school, and the 2 year old is along for the ride! She loves to write about embracing the crazy in her life while keeping the Joy of the Lord as her strength! (Nehemiah 8:10) Lena is going to work on a spiritual cleanse – working to spend more time with God to cleanse oneself of some of the things that Satan uses to hold us back from being able to fully glorify God.
buttonblog3 I am happily married to my Geek Adonis, we have three beautiful children whom we homeschool. I will be writing about cleansing my house from wall to wall and room to room (even under that dusty ole staircase).

As we go through this cleansing each writer will link back to this introductory post giving you the opportunity to find the other writers and encourage them along the way and be encouraged yourself. Come join us as we cleanse our lives…

Look for the Project Cleanse button or banner in the posts to find the other writers.