Tea Party

The kids loved our family breakfast tea. I highly recommend doing this with your children. Its super easy and they just love it, plus it is absolutely adorable watching them eat and drink from their little tea cups and plates.

This time we had aunts and uncles to share our tea with. (Sugar plum fairy with her Uncle)

And cousins! (My little old man with his cousin)

Did you notice the tiny feet in the last picture? Our youngest (we’ll call him smiley, cause seriously that’s all he does) finally made it into a post.

Our first tea party!

Well, the kids actually drank juice!

I was so excited when I finally found a tea set for me and the kids. I have looked for a while now and all I could find was the cheapy plastic sets at Toys R Us or really expensive nice ones that I would always be afraid to use. Another blog steered me towards One King’s Lane. I would look on there from time to time and one day I just happened to notice they had china tea sets with extra plates and totally within my budget. I was super excited. I bought it without thinking twice. My little old man, loves them and asks all the time when are we having our next tea party. What he doesn’t know is that I am making scones this weekend for our next tea party. I cannot wait.