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A few weeks a ago for my birthday my husband and I went to a Sugar Social at the, “The Standard”, in Nashville. I bought the tickets with excitement. I have always loved going to food events; meeting people and trying scrumptious experiments. One of my cherished memories is when my husband and I took a walking food tour in Seattle @ Pike Place Market.

The pictures on Sugar Social’s website were most enticing. There were even going to be swag bags. Okay, perhaps that is not anything to you, but for this country farm girl that was icing on the cake.

Sadly, I was let down and very disappointed by the presentation and selections. My thought perhaps was that the Sugar Social team, was having an off event and one day I can try it again with better results. Yet, if I was a restaurant, chef, caterer, would I not want to put my best foot forward and offer items that would persuade people that they wanted if not needed to visit their restaurant, hire them as a chef, or use their caterer services. I found nothing that allured my senses to the point that I was in awe or anything that made me think, “oooh, need to keep this person’s card”. This event is put on by Gabe’s Gurl Event Productions, but it is a conglomeration of different persons or businesses that I must say missed the mark. In today’s economy marketing is more crucial than ever, because people are really taking their time choosing what they want or need, instead of whilly nilly trying them all.

Gabe’s Gurl Event Productions did a good job of picking a relaxing and nostalgic location for something as a sugar social, my only thought for them is to perhaps offer a drink selection that would help cut the sugar. Perhaps, have a coffee house represent some of their fine selections to go with the sweets.

I did enjoy myself and partook of every sweet sugary concoction on the table (for it was my birthday after all) and I must say it was definitely a social. I would say there was well over 200 to 300 people making there way through, “The Smith House”.

We went to a wedding recently and I got the chance to take a few pics of the kids. I had to tell this quick story. My husband’s cousin has a beautiful little girl and as we walked into the reception she said to her mommy, “Mom, who is that princess?” She was talking about my daughter Sugar Plum Fairy. So here are the two of them after discovering each other!

How, absolutely precious was that?!

Now, Little Old Man couldn’t be outdone, therefore he played the ninja/vogue/silly card…


Hee Hee, I love him!

Good Morning!


Mark Chapter 2:27 – “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”


God created the Sabbath for our benefit, not his own. God derives no benefit from having us rest on the Sabbath, but we are restored both physically and spiritually when we take time to rest and to focus on God.


I think I have personally struggled in the past with what is the law of the Sabbath. Only because many teachings in a church have altered my perception of what it should be. This verse really set it right for me. It is a day set aside for us to really focus on God and be renewed spiritually. Many of us have such challenging weeks with work that we do not get physical or spiritual rest. We may have a small time each day to spend in His word, but never so much time allotted as a full day. Take time each Sabbath to really rest and relax in Him and His word. Become refreshed and renewed both spiritually and physically. We live once and many times my philosophy is too make the most of the time we have here, so even on the Sabbath I have tried to “get things done”, but God tapped me on the shoulder this morning and said, take this day (the Sabbath) and make it a day of rest, a day with Me.


Lord, I come to you this morning in awe once again. I ask in prayer so many things and you show me with your word the answers. I smile as a pray, because that sounds so simple right? And it is, yet I make it so hard. Lord, please help me to remember that you have everything figured out, that I only need come to you. So, many times I try day after day without you and finally come to you in quite a perplexed state. If I would just start with you things would be so much simpler. Thank you for your word , Lord that I may renew myself spiritually. Lord, help me to always remember that you set the Sabbath aside for us and that I use that day to the fullest for rest as I use the other days of the week fully as well. Help me to give all of my days to you. I love you Lord and in your name I pray.


110 degree temps and we decided to travel even closer to the equator. It was well worth it, because the company was grand. But, as the pictures will tell, we didn’t do much out in the blazing sun.

Our first morning, Aunt Summer and Little Old Man peacefully relaxing in the sumo bean bag chair.

Later, we head to town and the kids decided that it was just to exhausting to lounge at home that they must then snooze in the truck.

Yep, even the one who never sleeps partook.

Now, I must introduce my brothers oldest (the youngest being still in the womb at this time), Miss Lilypad. As she sits in her bucket nibbling on a pickle and contemplating life.

And, finally our host, my sister (in-law). As she snuggles with a sleeping Smiley.

I love to name the characters in my life that frequently or infrequently appear in my blog. So far we have…
Me – Lady of the barn
My hubby – Geek Adonis
Oldest – Little Old Man
Middle – Sugar Plum Fairy
Youngest – Smiley
My oldest brother – Doc
Other brother – Chief

I listed these because I need your help with a new character. My sister (in law) in MS. She reminds me of a iconic 40’s silver screen beauty. Flawless skin, raven hair, and a great personality to boot.

Help me figure out a name for her please! If you do and I pick your suggestion then I will send you a gift certificate for $20 to (Name will be picked on Monday, August 22nd.)

We are truly blessed to have a horse person in the family that has agreed to teach Little Old Man horse riding lessons for free. A couple of weeks ago he started learning the ins and outs of taking care of and riding a horse.

First, we feed…

Little Old Man and Sugar Plum Fairy got to help their Maw Maw prepare the food and gather the alfalfa to feed the horses. Then…

I recommend one of these guys to clean all of the horsey dishes.

Smiley, didn’t approve of all this, because it got him out of bed too early.

After feeding, Little Old Man learned how to care for the saddle he used…

While Sugar Plum Fairy and Smiley made good use of the arena floor.

After, cleaning the saddle, he brushed down “Jazzy”, (I think he enjoyed this part the most) and then…

climbed in the saddle. Sadly, I do not have a picture of him riding, I know I took at least twenty while I was there and not a single one turned out. Although, his siblings enjoyed watching him go around in circles.

Little Old Man really enjoyed his first time riding and is looking forward to many more lessons. We have also decided to do a lapbook for homeschool centered around horses and the parts of a horse and their food and equipment. This will be mommy’s first attempt at a lapbook without another websites help, it should be fun.

I recently colored a friend of mines hair in a rainbow pattern. When I was done my daughter climbed up in the chair and said, “My turn”! Well, I was not about to color my two year old’s hair with semi permanent dye and besides that I am sure she wouldn’t have sat still for that long. Not long after that the friend that I had colored the hair for sent me a note about chalk and water and that you can color hair with it and it will wash out with shampoo and water. Well, we definitely had to try that!

This is Little Old Man’s hair. As I said earlier, Miss Sugar Plum Fairy wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get past her bangs. So, she had pink bangs and she was happy enough with that.

This procedure was really easy. I didn’t even crush the chalk or anything. All I did was get a small glass of water and dip the stick of chalk in it and then proceeded to rub it back and forth in my son’s hair. With short hair it was extremely easy to do, but I think if you had long hair, you might want to crush the chalk and mix it with water and perhaps comb it through the hair. (I am thinking of trying that for Halloween)