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You are my love, my life, my best friend…

Geek Adonis, I adore you! Happy Anniversary mi amore.

~to our inside joke this morning, I really do hope we have 50 more years together.

Do you guys remember my cape giveaway, since then we have been coming up with different ways to wear the cape. Total we have found five! Here is the latest.


I had so much fun with hers that I wanted to try it on me, of course it was more of a shirt on me instead of a toga, but I absolutely loved it.

All the ways to wear this material…

1. Super hero cape of course
2. Apron
3. Combine two for a child = toga
4. Combine two for an adult = shirt
5. Combine 5 to 7 = skirt

~the adult shirt and skirt pictures hopefully coming soon. Going to try and bribe my beautiful niece into modeling for me.

(if you have this crazy unbridled feeling to buy one of these please visit my etsy shop.)

He came up with this outfit completely on his own.

It is a sure bet that one of the proudest days in an enlisted individual’s naval service is the date on which a first class petty officer dons the uniform and is accepted into the Chief Petty Officer community. At this time, the PO1’s leadership and professional abilities are recognized by superiors. These qualities continue to be honed with experience and maturity until retirement.

On April 1st, 1893, the grade of Chief Petty Officer was established.

On September 16, 2011 – My brother was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

We are all proud of you!

Things that Mommy finds on her cell phone

The Morning Walk

My kids love running around yelling bippity boppity boo at each other while holding whatever toy that looks the most like a wand to them. Well, this last week I discovered some of the duct tape crafts. I quickly decided I was going to try and make the kiddos some wands. It was much easier then I ever expected.


spray paint (optional)
duct tape
hot glue gun & hot glue
permanent markers (optional)

I painted their dowels black because that was the available color in Geek Adonis’ shop.

And, I fully realize that there are a crazy amount of different colors of duct tape out there now, but I was working with what I had in the house or in the shop.

I started with Sugar Plum Fairy’s Boo Stick first.

I ripped a bunch of 2-3 inch pieces…

Folded a corner over, then…

the other corner. Take that and wrap it around your dowel, like so…

Rinse, wash, repeat…

Apply that second piece to the other side. Where the tips are opposite of each other.

Continue doing this until you have the above flower. It was very easy to then paint it pink with a permanent marker.

She immediately went to turning me into a frog, rabbit, ooh and then superman.

Onward, to Little Old Man’s Boo Stick…

Sorry, no tutorial, because this guy – Duct Tape Ninja, did an awesome job and I just don’t think I can top him.

So, after making two ninja stars, I just hot glued them to the dowel and bippity boppity boo!

Okay, so now go make your own and please please show them to me!

I am afraid that I was so caught up in the yummies and great conversation that I totally lost track of being camera happy. So, no pictures really of the event. Although, my main reason for this quick post was to say thank you. I had an excellent birthday thanks to family and friends.

Have I told you of my latest obsession? TEA! That sounds simple yes? Well, I suppose it could be. I on the other hand have not made it simple. Do you realize all of the yummy teas out there and all the different containers you can drink tea out of.

Sorry, I got carried away. I brought the tea up because for my birthday party we did a tea party.

These pictures got snapped before all of the gels and boys showed up for the party…

I love my new teapots! Plus, the warmers underneath will keep that pot warm for up to 4 hours. Seriously!

Me and Sugar Plum Fairy loved these things. I so forget their name, some Japanese rice ball. I think.

I must admit that I am a sucker for tea cookies, especially butter cookies. Once, everyone arrived this buffet was covered with all kinds of goodies.

The weather around here has finally dipped below blazing, we have actually had the opportunity this week to open windows. So, do you know what my absolute precious Geek Adonis did for me? He added another screen door to the back of the house. WOOT! Look look…

My front screen door (please ignore the well lived in house), that leads to the back screen door…

And, yes Sugar Plum Fairy did grace the screen door with her chalk artwork.

So, now I have a breezeway through the house. You, have no clue how extremely excited I am. Just had to tell ya’ll.